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2019 TV DX

Here's a little DX from down the coast on August 28. The distance to Wilmington is 200miles to Salisbury, MD is 300mi. This was in the morning between 6:20 and 8:50am.

WCPB-16 Salisbury, MD

WCPB 16 Salisbury MD

WDPN-2 Philadelphia, PA

WDPN 2 Wilmington DE

WMDI-47 Salisbury, MD

WMDI 47 Salisbury MD

The best DX from my west happened on Sept. 21st. Here are the best three. Binghamton has always been rare here, maybe once or twice during the analog years due to terrain. I couldn't believe it when WICZ decoded. WSKA was a bonus catch.

Don't expect much from me anymore. Most of my TV channels are blocked now.

WICZ-8 Binghamton, NY

WICZ 8 Binghamton NY

WSKA-25, Ithaca, NY

WSKA 25 Ithaca NY

WNYT-12, Albany, NY

WNYT 12 Albany NY...rare!

WACP 4 Atlantic City NJ. I've only seen this decode once. This happened on 9/28.
Sorry, but the flash was on.