Big Changes Coming to Television and DXing

Big changes are coming to TV in CT although people who watch via cable or satellite won't probably notice anything. Anyone who watches OTA television will have to do multiple re-scans before all is said and done. I think OTA TV DXing will be much harder. Here is what the channel assignments will look like for CT and Western MA:

Callsign City New Ch # Old Ch #
WEDN Norwich 9 9
WTNH New Haven 10 10
WWLP Springfield 11 11
WGBY Springfield 13 22
WSHM-LD Springfield 20** 21
WEDW Bridgeport 21 49
WFXD Springfield 21 28
WUTH Hartford 22 47
WDMR-LD Springfield 23** 51
WHTX-LD Springfield 24** 43
WGGB Springfield 26 40
WHPX New London 28 26
WTXX-LD Hartford 29** 34
WEDH Hartford 30 45
WVIT Hartford 31 35
WRNT Hartford 32* 32
WCCT Waterbury 33 20
WTIC Hartford 34 31
WHCT-LD Hartford 35 38
WFSB Hartford 36 33

Other oddities here are WGBH Boston moving to ch5 and WSBE Providence moving to Ch2. But Providence will be running 459 watts and WGBH will be using 5300 watts. I doubt I ever see WSBE here (I've never seen that LP in Manchester, VT which has about the same power). WGBH maybe. If I'm lucky. If the tropo is intense. If the planets are aligned right.

Between ch14 and 36 I'm left with 14 vacant channels. That's sounds okay until I remember that LPTVs will have a crack at one of those channels later and they could all end up being taken. Right now there's a ch34 (which was in Springfield) but now has a tower in Middletown and wants to serve New Haven and ch32 in Hartford on the air. There's a ch43 and 51 in Springfield. If these stations end up taking one of the vacant channels, the 10 remaining channels are not going to be very much to work with.

On the other hand, some stations are shutting down. WRDM-19, WUVN-46, WZME-42, WCTX-39 and WEDY-41 are all going away. Perhaps I'll be able to pick up a few new stations before the UHF band gets mixed up again. WCTX, by the way, may end up as a sub-channel on WTNH. I never thought WUVN would shut down, but these are strange times, indeed.

Note (*) WRNT gets to stay on ch32 at reduced power. Also note (**) are applications, not granted yet but they most likely will be.

Fun times ahead, or not.

2018 M. Bugaj No reprinting without permission. Revised July 30,2018.