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I'm still what you call a linux noobie but after almost three years of using Linux Mint (Cinnamon) I guess I'm not so noob. Currently I'm using 19.3 Cinnamon on two desktops and one HP laptop.

I started out with Linux by accident. I had an old 2 core desktop that I advertised on FB but nobody wanted it and I was a day from bringing it to the local recycling station when I read a FB page done by a computer teckkie who wrote about giving your old computer a new lease on life by installing linux and Mint in particular. That cought my curiosity and I looked into Mint, downloaded the .iso file and burned that onto a DVD and installed it. The rest is history.

That first old desktop (an HP6000) is still in use daily. I boosted ram from four to eight GB and it really flies. Currently I run two desktops and one HP8560 laptop with Mint. One desktop is an old Dell 2 core desktop that won't even run Google Earth that I use to play with the OS to try to learn things while not caring if I break the OS since I can always re-install the system if I screw it up. Phew. I also gave another Dell Optiplex 780 to one of my kids and there's now a 6 year old grandkid growing up with linux. By the way I also have a couple of Windows 10 machines that I need to have for a specific purpose. They don't get used much.

One of my other hobbies is DXing, or tracking down TV, FM and AM stations from far away. Because of that hobby I have a real interest in software devined radios, or SDRs. If I can find anything that will help me or others to track down these stations using linux Mint, I will post the information here.





7-Zip for linux is called p7-Zip. Get it from Software Manager, just look for p7zip-full.

Android phones.
When you connect an Android phone to a computer running Linux Mint and go into DCIM and then camera, you normally see icons instead of thumbnails, even though you'll see thumbnails in your picture folder. To see thumbnails when you connect your phone, go to MENU-->ACCESORIES-->FILES->edit-->preferences-->preview and change show thumbnails to YES instead of Local Files Only. Why Mint doesn't make thumbnails the default with an android phone, who knows.

I want a paint program like MS Paint!!
Well, you can have one that's pretty close. You can uninstall GIMP or any of the other way-to-complex programs. What you want and need is Kolourpaint and you can get it from your neighborhood Software Manager. You'll like it!

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