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This sums up my Dxing career pretty well, from highband E skip to 1,000 overland tropo. It's all here and the audio from my FM catches is HERE. I can still help you with information regarding the antenna projects. Email me.

  1. 2004 Hi-Band Es Photos
  2. My E-Skip Map
  3. My Tropo Map
  4. My YouTube DX Videos
  5. DTV E-Skip Photos
  6. FM Filter Mod Article
  7. The D100 External Analog TV Tuner


Spec sheets on some of the greatest FM antennas made.
  1. Antenna Phasing
  2. CM 4408 Probe9 Specs
  3. Finco FM5 Specs
  4. 7 Element DIY FM Yagi


Over the years I've done a few filter mods. Now that I'm using SDRs I no longer need (or want) to do them. Please do not ask me about any of these tuners or for any help with the mods as I no longer have ANY of these tuners except one Onkyo T450RDS sitting on a bench that I listen to once in a while.

  1. Onkyo T450RDS
  2. Carver TX11
  3. Sangean HDT-1
  4. Denon TU1500 RDS
  5. Sony XDR-F1HD
  6. Sony XDR PI Code Mod
  7. Harmon Kardon TU920
  8. NAD4300
  9. NAD4155