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June-July 2020

RSP2 I changed my SDR since March, after the urging of two of my friends. I'm now the owner of an RSPDuo from SDRPlay. This radio has been out for two years now but I just got around to buying one. The thing that makes this SDR different is that it has two tuners, and you can phase one against the other to null (phase) out your local and semi-local stations. It just works great in nuking HD sidebands and it's also easier to create a null than a Bolin Phase Box or anything else. I've already used it during skip openings to hear skip through my local HD sidebands. It works very well.

Also I have two screengrabs of new lowband DTV stations. Both were seen recently on ch2 during skip openings in late May and June. With luck I hope to see more. So far I've seen thirteen. See the link above.

FM skip has been running slightly better than last year, so far. The best skip event up to this point has been on May 20th from 6pm to 8pm. Very minor events were seen on 6/3, 6/9 and 6/15. A slightly stronger event was noticed on June 15th from 9:30 to 12:45pm off and on. I caught 7 new stations during that opening. The last Es opening noticed here was on June 26 to Florida on FM around 2pm for 30 minutes. There were no Es openings noticed in July 2020. I'd rate this skip season a D-, after giving it an F last year.

March 2020

I've just renewed this domain for another year. I'll be around for another twelve months.

THE STORY BEHIND THE PICTURE. The TV antenna you see at the top of this page is an Archer VU-190. It was originally sold by Radio Shack as a VHF-UHF combo. This antenna is brand new and has been sitting in the basement for the past 5-6 years until just recently when I decided to put it together and do something with it. I decided to try it as a phase antenna along with my APS-13 and Bolin phase box. The UHF elements were removed. The result is an antenna that works really well on FM and works fine as a phase antenna. It has enough gain that it does not need a pre-amp between it and the input to the combiner. The antenna was bought at a yard sale for just a few dollars, sold by a person who either didn't know what it was, or just didn't care.


Hello and welcome! If you've been here before, you'll notice that I've blown up this page and rebuilt it. The old style was getting a bit dated. Now with the coronavirus keeping us at home, what better time to work with css and html and learn a few more things. I've also added a link in the header to Linux computing, my other hobby for the past three years. Who knows whether DXing (the TV and FM type) will be there in another few years. It'a almost gone now, as far as I'm concerned. So, here we are.

I still have lots of moving things around of things on this site. I'll be working on that as well as on converting the other web pages over to this new format.

For those who like building their own antennas for whatever reasons, the antenna specs are here in the links menu. The filter mods are probably obsolete since almost nobody does them anymore (SDRs make mods unnecessary). The Sony PI mods are probably unneeded at this time. Since analog TV is 99% obsolete, I have already deleted the analog material that once was on these pages. At this point in time, analog TV discussion is pretty much moot, at least in the US and Mexico.


Here's a chart showing how the ch2-36 repack affects me. UHF is almost full. Open channels are 2-6, 14-19, 27 and 29. Is TV DXing worth it? Maybe, if I would be content DXing ch2-6 and 14-19.

Let's take a look at my open FM channels: 90.9, 92.1, 94.5, 94.9, 96.3, 98.3, 99.5 103.7, 104.7, 105.1, 106.5, 106.7, 107.1, 107.5. I count 14 Es capable frequencies. Now very strong Es might be able to overcome a few others, especially if the skip is from the west, but as far as skip from the southwest, which is the most common type by far, I'm pretty screwed. Sure I could use the phaser on ONE frequency, but phasing would probably be useless when trying to record 8mhz of spectrum when only one station is nulled down. If that is the case, then the options are to either just record the spectrum and hope some skip breaks through, or forget the recording and just work the opening live while turning the dials on the phaser. Well there is another option, and that option is just to open a can of beer and watch reruns of GoldRush instead.





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